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Andre A. Hakkak

Andre A. Hakkak has been an Investment Committee member of White Oak since 2007. He was also ex founder and chief Investment Officer of Alpine Global Inc. He has a vibrant and detailed portfolio of wise investments. Andre worked in multiple giant companies with good track records like Suisse Global Investments, Robertson Stephens & Co, ICA Investment Company Act, and more. During his career, he showed his polished skills in result-oriented tasks and activities in all these investment firms. One of his most successful works is done in White Oak Global as an advisor lawsuit.

Who is Andre A. Hakkak

Andre A.Hakkak is an investment expert who worked in multiple finance firms to give real success spikes with his skills, experience, and portfolio. He is a Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer at White Oak Global Advisors LLC. As an industry expert in finance, he provides advice to entrepreneurs, innovative investment ideas, and solutions to tough problems companies face in investment management.

General Bio

Here is a general bio about Andre A. Hakkak:

Real NameAndre A. Hakkak
ProfessionInvestment Expert
Skin ColorWhite
Date of BirthUnknown
AgeNot Publicly known
Place of BirthUSA
Zodiac SignUnknown
Weight60kg – 132.277lbs
Hair ColorBlack
Shoe Size9
Net Worth$22,771,008

Favorite Things

FoodRice and Meat
TV ShowUnknown
Dream DestinationUnknown
CelebrityTom Hanks
Role ModelTom Hanks
MottoGrow wisely
HobbyPlaying with numbers on real-time spikes

Education & Early Life

He has studied at the University of California, Berkeley, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Finance Science. He is now based in Miami, Florida, where he grew up, went to school, and experienced many life events. It is no secret that Andre Hakkak is an important figure in the financial industry who works for White Oak Global as a legal expert. Although Andre A. Hakkak has a net worth of millions, it is not yet known what exactly it is. However, I stated last year that his net worth was almost $22,771,008.

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Parents & Siblings

There is no information about Andre A. Hakkak’s parents and siblings available on the internet. As Andre A. Hakkak’s parents and siblings are unknown to the public, it is difficult for us to locate any information and share it with you. Please stay tuned on our website. In the near future, we will endeavor to provide information about his parents and siblings on this page.

andre hakkak wife

Andre A. Hakkak before his fame:

His early education was in his hometown where Andre A. Hakkak was born and raised. He worked hard to achieve his goals in life. He worked long hours of the day and night to achieve the achievements he had envisioned for his future. He was an ordinary person before he became famous. As a result of his honest work, dedication, and commitment to his goals, he became famous in the Finance field. He later led multiple finance companies with successful strategies and steps after completing his education.  

His success motivated him and led him to become a role model for others. He inspired many young people to work hard and never give up on their dreams. He became a symbol of hope and success.

How did he become famous?

As a result of his hard work and constant effort, Andre A. has achieved great success in the field of finance. Currently, he is an internationally recognized finance expert working for companies like White Oak and many others. He is well-known for his innovative financial ideas. When he started his career in finance, he worked for Alpine Global Inc.


We don’t know who is in a relationship with Hakkak. Hakkak’s partner’s name is not public on any platform, so we can’t write it here. People assume he has a successful relationship with his spouse as a businessman.

Net Worth

His estimated net worth is $22,771,008. As of now, Andre A. Hakkak has no other income sources other than his professional skills and learnings in finance. He made this amount of his net worth from his professional skills and learnings in finance. The net worth of Andre A. Hakkak is rapidly growing day by day because of his wise moves in investments and trading. In order to grow their wealth and net worth, many individuals in and outside of his industry are learning finance tactics from him. I would suggest that you follow his footsteps if you are interested in having a good portfolio of investments or have plans to have one.


Andre Hakkak is a Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at White Oak Global Advisors LLC.

White Oak is a global investment firm with over $10 billion in assets and Andre works here because he has good skills in finance that match the company’s goals and plans.


Andre Hakkak is an expert and professional finance manager. He has worked with multiple well-known firms. With his dedicated work and commitment to his career, he showed great success signes in each company that he has joined. Almost all of his personal information except his education, originality, and career is hidden from the public. Andre A. Hakkak is a good finance & marketing mentor for various individuals and companies.

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