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When it comes to streaming anime online, finding the perfect website that offers free services and a quality experience can sometimes be a difficult task. Many platforms either charge you money or don’t have the shows you want. Well, you must have heard of Zoro TV or even browsed through it one or two times. In terms of watching anime online for free, that’s where Zoro TV comes in and it’s doing a great job.

Zoro TV has quickly become popular with anime fans. It offers a huge selection of anime, from old classics to the latest hits. Best of all, you don’t need to sign up or pay anything to use it. Just visit the site, find your show, and start watching. While it does make sense, there are some flaws in the website and everything will be explained further as you’re reading on.

In this review, we’ll look at what makes Zoro TV special. We’ll explore its features, the types of anime you can find, the pros and cons, and some other sites you might like if Zoro TV isn’t right for you. By the end, you’ll know if Zoro TV is the best choice for your anime streaming needs. If you want a hassle-free anime streaming experience, Zoro TV might just be a great choice.

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Zoro TV Overview

Zoro TV is an online streaming platform dedicated entirely to anime. It provides users with access to a wide range of anime series and movies, all for free. With free accessibility in mind, users can always come to this website for any anime of their choice. Furthermore, Zoro TV doesn’t require any subscription and no account registration is needed.

If you’ve always been looking for a good source to access popular anime titles, Zoro TV is your go-to location. Its extensive library spans various genres and eras, you’ll find almost any anime on this website. However, due to some legal concerns, the website has been changing domains but we will give you a list of all working Zoro TV domains.

Features Offered By Zoro TV

Zoro TV is a website with potential and that’s because its features are nothing compared to other free anime streaming platforms. Here’s a list of all the features offered by Zoro TV.

A-Z Lists of Anime

Zoro TV boasts a vast and diverse collection of anime. From timeless classics like “Naruto” and “Dragon Ball” to the latest trending series such as “Demon Slayer” and “Attack on Titan,” the platform covers a wide spectrum of anime genres and styles. Its A-to-Z lists of anime ensure you’ll be able to access all titles in alphabetical order. Also, there’s a search bar that offers quick access to any anime names.

HD Streams on All Devices

When it comes to streaming anime on Zoro TV, it assures high-quality streaming on any device of your choice. The website provides high-definition streaming options, allowing users to enjoy their favourite anime in clear quality. Whether you’re watching on a large screen or a mobile device, the high-quality streams enhance the overall viewing experience, making everything look realistic without any issues.

No Registration Required

Another reason why you’ll like Zoro TV is because it offers no registration process. This means you can start watching your favourite anime immediately without the need to go through a lengthy registration process. This feature not only saves time but also ensures user privacy, as no personal information is required.

Multiple Language Subtitles

While all anime on Zoro TV are provided in the Japanese language, the website has done a great job in offering multiple language subtitles. This feature ensures that non-Japanese speakers can fully enjoy the anime experience. Whether you prefer watching with English subtitles or need another language, Zoro TV makes it accessible.

Regular Updates

The anime world is constantly evolving with new episodes and series being released regularly. Zoro TV keeps pace with these changes by frequently updating its library. New episodes of ongoing series are added with no delays.

Popular Categories of Anime Available on Zoro TV

Zoro TV offers a wide range of anime categories, making it easier for users to find shows that match their interests. Here are some of the primary categories available

  • Action Anime: This category includes a high-energy series with intense battles and fast-paced storylines. Anime like “My Hero Academia” and “One Punch Man” fall into this category.
  • Adventure Anime: Adventure anime like One Piece, Hunter x Hunter and much more are available in this category.
  • Comedy Anime: Shows like “Gintama” and “Konosuba” are known for their ability to make viewers laugh, you’ll find a lot of them on Zoro TV.
  • Drama Anime: This category is filled with emotionally driven series with complex characters and story arcs. You’ll find series such as “Clannad” and “Your Lie in April” and much more.
  • Horror Anime: For those who enjoy horror content, this category is filled with dark and eerie series that’ll keep you thrilled and scared at the same time.

Pros and Cons of Zoro TV

Like any streaming service, Zoro TV has its strengths and weaknesses. Here are some of the pros and cons to consider:


  • Zoro TV is free to use and accessible to a broad audience without any hidden fees.
  • The website offers an extensive collection of A-to-Z anime titles across multiple genres.
  • High-quality streams across multiple devices make it an excellent choice for everyone.
  • Zoro TV doesn’t need user’s details, therefore no registration is required on the website.
  • New episodes and series are added regularly, keeping the library fresh and up-to-date.


  • There are a lot of advertisements on the website and sometimes it can interrupt users overall viewing experience.
  • Zoro TV is known to operate illegally, therefore making it risky to use without a VPN connection.
  • Some of the subtitles offered by Zoro TV are always inconsistent.
  • Too much annoying pop-up ads on the website are making it a bad choice for some users.

Which Zoro TV URL Is The Correct One?

Multiple URLs are pointing to Zoro TV on Google Search and other Search Engines. While the real one can’t be identified yet, below is a list of active Zoro TV URLs you can use.

  1. https://zoroxtv.to/home
  2. https://zorotv.in/
  3. https://zorotv.com.in/
  4. https://zoro.tv.in/

Best Zoro TV Alternatives to Consider

If the pop-up ads and the legality of Zoro TV come as a major concern for you. Below are some of the best Zoro TV alternatives you can use.

  1. Crunchyroll: One of the most popular legal streaming services for anime, offering a vast library of manga, anime movies and series. While it has a free tier, a premium subscription provides an ad-free experience and access to exclusive content.
  2. Hulu: Hulu has a robust selection of anime alongside its extensive catalogue of TV shows and movies. It’s a great option if you’re looking for a broader range of content beyond anime.
  3. Netflix: Netflix has been expanding its anime library significantly, offering both popular titles and exclusive series. The only downside is that Netflix is not free.
  4. 9Anime: Another free streaming site, 9Anime offers a vast library of anime titles. It shares some of the same pros and cons as Zoro TV, including the presence of ads and potential legal issues.


In conclusion, Zoro TV stands out as a great choice for anime fans who want to stream their favourite shows for free. With its extensive A-to-Z library and HD streams, it offers a solid viewing experience. This article is just to give you an overview of the website, it’s not written to promote it.

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